ROOMAN is Fleur's most recent visual-performance creations. It is a very real story about falling in love with a fantasy. It's a rich tapestry of puppetry, projection, drawing, dance and sound installation. Like a low-tech hologram, or a high-fi paper pop-up book, ROOMAN takes audiences on a journey inside worlds of animated universes as they unfold upon a giant 3-dimensional paper set. ROOMAN is about following your dreams and seeing what kind of a journey it can take you on. But more importantly, it's about waking up and living.



Operation Zebra was a collaboration between Fleur Elise Noble, Melissa Cantwell, Tina Torabi, Joe Lui, and was produced by the Perth Theatre Company. The work was inspired by stories collected in Gaza by foreign correspondent Sophie McNeill. Our intention was to humanize these stories in a way that allows the viewer to identify in a less detached manner. An attempt to distort the 'Us' and 'Them' perspective. The work was performed for 1 night and viewed through a shop front window in Perth City (with speakers on the street). The performance ran for 2 hours, looping every 20 minutes. Here is a short 3 minute snippet.



2 DIMENSIONAL LIFE OF HER is a visual performance made of drawing, animation, film, puppetry, projection and paper. An image-based story about an artist who looses control of her creations is projected onto a large 3-dimensional paper set. The show has been likened to a giant pop-up book that comes to life.

Click here to view the '2 Dimensional Life of Her' information booklet.


SHARING STORIES Digital Storytelling Workshops
Fleur has an ongoing relationship with the Sharing Stories Foundation. She works as a facilitator on their digital storytelling workshops, which involves creating drawings, animations and movies with young people in indigenous communities. The process aims to enhance literacy skills through recording and re-telling culturally relevant stories.

A fast paced drawing performance in which hundreds of faces are found in the scribbles of a pen. Faces appear, and disappear beneath each new arrival.
Pansori Soundscape was developed in Collaboration with Leah Barclay and a group of South Korean Pansori singers as a part of Sound +: Pansori Residnecy in Korea. It was created with the intention to explore new work inspired by this ancient Korean form of song. This work was designed to play in a dark room with surround sound. The idea being, that when there is no image on the screen the soundscape causes the mind to fill in the gaps. The Sound+: Pansori Residency was produced by AsiaNow + Paim Communications.